Digital Marketing for Jewelry business

How do your jewelry customers make their purchases? First, they must visit your online jewelry store. Your website is the perfect place for their journey 🙂 For this purpose your jewelry website must be on the first pages of the major Search Engines like Google, but it has to meet certain rules, like design, descriptions, keywords, headings, pictures. We at Coonecto offer you a FREE Consultation about your site – what must be improved, and how. This report will be sent to you by e-mail. To grab your FREE consultation fill the form below:

    Jewelry business, like the other areas of business activity is very competitive. This is due to large players in the market who spend millions of dollars on the promotion of their online jewelry store, support in social networks, promotion of the brand as a whole. But even within the framework of such competition, even a young site has all chances to get into the TOP. Specialists of our agency will hold a series of works, after which you will feel a significant increase in sales and traffic growth.

    If you wish to pay to increase the amount of traffic to your website quickly and if you want to improve your search engine results, our advices will be very important to your success. After improving your website presence you are ready for the new customers for your jewelry. We offer you a combination between the powerful tool of Pay-per-Click ads and social network marketing, that will create the best platform for optimal presence of your online jewelry store in Internet. This way people, who want to buy jewelry are most likely to find you and learn about you, your business, your jewelry, and of course – to make a purchase.

    Digital Marketing for Jewelry business – What is included in the services of internet marketing of the online jewelry shop

    • Google Adwords, Yahoo ads, Bing Ads
    • Facebook Ads (The clear winner)
    • Twitter ads
    • Linkedin Ads (Targeted Jewelry ad for working women)
    • E-mail marketing
    • Youtube

    Google Pay-per-click advertising for Jewelry Business

    Jewelry business needs an advertising campaign in Google Adwords too, because this will allow to get results in promotion of your jewelry site from the very first day. Contextual advertising is a great start for promotion of your jewelry business and leading of additional traffic to your site. We will conduct an in-depth analysis of your competitors, select a semantic core and develop an optimal strategy for launching advertising and bidding. This will increase the sales of your jewelry and give you the opportunity to create more and more beautiful and unique jewelry. One of the main tasks of contextual advertising is the correct definition of the budget and the setting of bids for the impressions of your ad. Our experts will analyze in detail the campaigns of competitors and will offer you the best solution for your investments in contextual advertising.

    Social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) for jewelry business

    Social networks are better suited to attract people who already like your company, your jewelry brand or you personally. With proper management, promotion in Social media gives a powerful influx of traffic to your site, and increase your jewelry sales. For example Facebook is excellent suited for socializing with clients, and is great for forming the image of your jewelry company or jewelry

    We offer you promotion in social networks that will grow your audience, and client list. Our first task is to analyze your competitors, and their poor and good sides. This will be the basics of developing a strategy how to promote your jewelry. We will together determine the number of posts, topics of the posts, the right time of your publications, and the most important – the pictures selection. According to this strategy we will create your social media account. This include:

    • how will your jewelry brand style look like;
    • what kind of information must be included and shared with your audience;
    • what kind of posts will entertain your jewelry clients;
    • and of course we will choose bright and catchy pictures for your posts, that will be liked and shared from your audience.

    Our goal is to attract your clients with high-quality content that will be of interest with your clients.

    Additionally we will make advertising campaigns and events for your jewelry brand in a way to attract more people to engage with your jewelry brand. We will take into account the features and interests of your target audience to find the best budget. We’ll set up promotional campaigns too because they most effectively attract customers to your jewelry brand.

    Email Marketing for Jewelry Business

    E-mail is one of the oldest channels of Internet marketing. For more than a decade, marketers have been using it to attract traffic and customers. It helps to increase the loyalty of users in relation to your jewelry brand. The newsletter allows you to attract attention and involve a potential client in a conversion scenario. It does not offer the customer immediately to buy something, but invites him to get acquainted with the product.
    What we offer:
    First of all, we will analyze your e-mail distribution at the moment, and identify the target audience for your jewelry. Based on this we will choose the most suitable email service. We will create a content plan, and definite the format of the letters, the communication style with your clients. This will help you to be more organized, and will give you more time to create beautiful jewelry.

    Our next task is to build a strategy for getting more subscribers for your client list, and grow your audience. We will draw and layout a beautiful and unique letter template, that will be adapted for smartphones too. The texts and pictures of your newsletters are very important too. We will choose attractive and beautiful pictures, because they are your instrument to attract more clients, and rise your jewelry sales. Of course, we will collect statistics, and will provide you with reports tracking the positive dynamics. All this will be coordinated with you, and we will adjust the e-mail marketing strategy with your point of view, and your jewelry style.

    Need a Hand?

    If you are not sure how to make all these steps of the Digital Marketing for Jewelry business, or you are busy and don’t have enough time for this, we are here to help you. This way you will have more time for inspiration, creating and selling your unique jewelry. Contact us now, and get an offer especially for your jewelry store.

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      You at least need to invest 3-6 months for getting prominent results and of course you will need to be consistent in your social media marketing efforts.