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Google AdWords is an advertising platform where you can promote your website on the first page in Google based on keywords and phrases that you choose. This will attract visitors at the moment of searching the services or products you offer. This advertising method is connected with bidding for paid results in the search engines. Its’ use is better visibility of the web-site and generating a traffic.
You will be charged only when there is a click on your ad.
We will prepare advertising which your potential customers will find it easier.

– We reach the right target group
– Optimize the charges
– Work for increasing your revenue

WHY Google AdWords?

pms_icon_imageReach more customers
Reaching at the right timepms_icon_calendar
 pms_icon_updateAdvertise locally and globally

Google AdWords offers extremely good opportunities in steering the ad. Combined with the optimization for search engines, Google AdWords helps exceptional return on costs and is an efficient intermediary for competition. Thereby you are able to reach customers highly interested in your product or service. Google AdWords gives you the opportunity to communicate with the potential clients, to determine their needs and the way they are searching a product or a service they need, to prepare your ad according their preferences, to increase your web-site attendance and to accumulate higher revenues.

Without visiting the web-site you are not spending budget! You pay only for visits, the impressions are free!

Unlike the other advertising methods, Google AdWords gives you the opportunity to pay only for “click”, i.e. only if the users entered your web-site via the ad. Whether you want to bring new users to your website, to increase your online sales or to incite your customers to pay a visit or call you, Google AdWords can help you!

What are the advantages of Google AdWords ad?

Quickness – One of the major advantages of the ad in Google AdWords Is the speed with which can run campaign and reaching the first results within a few days. Of course, campaign optimization and improvement of return required a lot more work and time;

  • Quickness – One of the major advantages of the ad in Google AdWords Is the speed with which can run campaign and reaching the first results within a few days. Of course, campaign optimization and improvement of return required a lot more work and time;
  • Flexibility – Google AdWords provides an opportunity to experiment with different messages with which to reach out to the audience;
  • Variety – with Google AdWords you can advertise in a number of sites, part of the Google Display Network. Among them are the leading media sites and hundreds of quality websites in different niches that can be particularly suitable for advertising your product or service;
  • Predictability – Google AdWords provides greater predictability of the environment and consequently the success of the campaign;
  • Detailed statistics – Google AdWords presents at the advertisers detailed statistics, through which to analyze the advertising campaign, and determine what return of the investment.


Promote your business in Google and reach more people online who are interested right from your products and services. You can achieve this through paid advertising online in the advertising Google program – Google AdWords. We will help you to reach the best results – more clicks which lead faster to realization of your goals. Through us you will be able to create and change your ad campaign at any time – budget, text and the whole vision of the ad as you will control your budget – both day and the cost of a clicks. With your help and our work you can easily monitor and measure the impact of your ad. You can use Google AdWords for additional traffic to your website and increasing of the visits.


  1. Reach the right target group – we will do a special exploring for you, to detect the interests and demands of your potential clients, to reach properly selected people who will order;
  2. Optimize expenses – we will help you to optimize your costs by paying the lowest cost per click;
  3. We work to increase your sales – Ad will be directed to real sales, so the clicks, generated by your AdWords campaign can lead to increased revenues.


Our team will assist you throughout the process of elaboration of your advertising campaign in AdWords, from the creation of the strategy to the measurement of results and their analysis.

Coonecto offers:

  • Registration and configuration account for Google AdWords
  • Selection of relevant keywords
  • Set the regions in which the ads appear
  • Set daily and hourly frames in which ad to show
  • Create individual ads for different keywords that you wish to use
  • Keep track of spending
  • Maintaining optimal price per click and other ways that lead to the effectiveness of your  ad.


Our highly qualified managers in Google AdWords campaigns have extensive and valuable experience in optimization in a wide range in areas of activity in Bulgaria. The result of our work will lead to an increase, attendance and revenue for your company and meanwhile will reduce unnecessary costs! The actions that we will take will be to reduce the average cost per click, increase the achievements of advertising, increasing the CTR% and quality score.